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AUGUST:  A ROYAL MONTH NAMED FOR A ROMAN EMPEROR                                          
Seven months are gone in this year, and the days have began to grow shorter.  The last full month of summer is now upon us.  Often the hottest days of the year come in this month and our British neighbors know that "dry and warm August does the harvest no harm."  "If the first of week be warm, the winter will be white and long."

The flowers of the month of August are the poppy and the gladiolus, but in our part of the world those blossoms are often faded by now.

 In fact many of the annuals have faded or gone to seed.  Some can be replaced and a second crop of blooming extend till frost.  But in the heat many of us feel like "why bother", it's just too hot out. But for those true gardeners not bothered by the heat, here are some things that should be done:
  • Beds that are drying too quickly may need a new blanket of good mulch. Adding a rich compost and topping it with a good mulch will both feed your plants and reduce evaporation. Roses are particularly fond of coffee grounds which make an excellent mulch. If you are not into the organic approach, you can apply fertilizer now.
  • Another vital task is deadheading your plants and removing dead leaves. This little clean up project can revitalize plants that are looking a bit ratty. At the same time, if you want to save seed, you can mark seed pods with a bit of bright string.
  •  If you didn't divide your iris after blooming, now is a good time. Over grown, tightly packed iris may not bloom next spring. Work soil thoroughly and reset young divisions.
  • Lots of plants get leggy by August. Petunias, nasturtium, sweet alyssum can all be stimulated to grow with a little trimming here and there as well as a dose of fresh compost or plant food.

SLOGGERS:  These handy garden shoes continue to be a good seller for us.
Sloggers have been being made in the same location since 1948.  And what is a slogger? High quality footwear in shoe or boot style for all kinds of wear.  Especially those mucky, muddy days of working in the garden.  Come in and see our selection today.  We now have a solid light blue in stock.

We also feature poly outdoor furniture that will withstand the harshest of environments and keep its beauty and functionally year after year.  The furniture comes in a variety of styles of chairs, tables, and benches.  If you do not see the piece you like in our center, it can usually be ordered and delivered within a short span of time.  We also carry birdhouses made of the same material.

 A great new product for us has been the balloon spinners. They come in small, medium, and large sizes.  These have proven to be a very big seller for us in the short time we have been carrying them.  These are great gift ideas and a happy addition to any garden or yard.
We also have a new line of jar fountains in small, medium, and large sizes, as well as a new shipment of ceramic pots to dress up your porches, patios, and decks.
NEXT door at the Village Gallery, a full service florist and gift shoppe, the colors of fall are beginning to bloom all over the showroom.  The designers are busy creating wreaths for doors, mailbox decorations, centerpieces, all shapes and sizes of silk arrangements, as well as, remembrance pieces for graves and memorials.  This is in addition to the funeral, wedding, and special occasions work they do in both silk and fresh flowers.  If the occasion calls for flowers, they can take care of your needs.
 We still have a few summer wreaths and other summer items on sale. Discounts start at 50% on these items. (no other discounts apply on these items)
Remember to order a gift or flowers for the special Distinguished Young Woman in your life.
Rocket and Bulldog gift items will be in next week. Sorry no t-shirts this year, but we have some really neat gift items coming.




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