BUT IT IS JULY AND THE 4TH HAS GONE BY WITH MANY A BANG...and now we begin the down hill plunge to August.                                          
Where has half the year gone? The corn is bent from being blown by summer storms and the South is still ablaze with crepe myrtles as the magnolias begin to fade. Produce stands which sprung up like mushrooms are now bountiful with the fruit of farmers' gardens.   

Sloggers have been being made in the same location since 1948.  And what is a slogger? High quality footwear in shoe or boot style for all kinds of wear.  Especially those mucky, muddy days of working in the garden.  Come in and see our selection today.  


  • ADD COLOR WITH SUMMER ANNUALS---Now is the time to replace those early blooming annuals which have died out.  We still have a variety of annuals in stock including:  Mexican heather, begonia, sunpatiens, Mexican petunias, marigolds, black-eyed Susans, and New Guinea impatiens.
  • WEED---Weeds that were just an inch high can sprout to over a foot in a matter of days.  Be sure you can see your summer blooms for the weeds.  Weeds also rob the plants of valuable nutrients and moisture in these hot mid-summer days.
  • MULCH---Anything from pine needles to grass clipping to natural wood chips can work for mulch with no one being the best.  A 2 inch layer of mulch will help protect soil and plant roots from the intense heat as well as retaining moisture.
  • PINCH AND REMOVE---Spent blooms on the summer bloomers and new buds on the fall bloomers such as mums.  Keeping the old blooms trimmed off will encourage repeat blooming.  Pinching the buds from the mums will prevent early blooming and create larger blooms in the fall.
  • PESTS---Be sure to check flowers and vegetables for insect pests like white flies, Japanese beetles, and others.  Also check for mold and other fungus-like growth.  Be sure when you treat your plants for these pests be sure to use products that are safe for butterflies and bees.
  • WATER---Don't depend entirely on Mother Nature to water your garden .  Summer thunderstorms are not dependable for keeping your plants well hydrated during these hot summer days.
  • RAISE YOUR MOWER---Now is the time to raise your lawn mower blade an inch or better to prevent "scalping" your lawn and causing it to lose moisture and dry out and brown as rapidly.
  • START A FALL VEGETABLE GARDEN---Time to start planning your cool weather fall vegetable gardens.  Late July and early August is a great time to plant seeds to have seedling ready for planting a bit later.
  • HARVEST SUMMER VEGETABLES---Be sure you reward yourself for all your hard work in the spring in putting in your garden.   Don't let the summer heat deter you from harvesting your bounty.  Squash, zucchini, and cucumbers seem to go from small to giant overnight.

We also feature poly outdoor furniture that will withstand the harshest of environments and keep its beauty and functionally year after year.  The furniture comes in a variety of styles of chairs, tables, and benches.  If you do not see the piece you like in our center, it can usually be ordered and delivered within a short span of time.  We also carry birdhouses made of the same material.

 A great new product for us has been the balloon spinners. They come in small, medium, and large sizes.  These have proven to be a very big seller for us in the short time we have been carrying them.  These are great gift ideas and a happy addition to any garden or yard.
We also have a new line of jar fountains in small, medium, and large sizes, as well as a new shipment of ceramic pots to dress up your porches, patios, and decks.
NEXT door is the Village Gallery, a full service florist and gift shop.  We provide silk and live arrangements for all the most important occasions and events in your life.  Something from our florist will make even an ordinary day seem special and important.  Our designers specialize in making wedding flowers that stand out above the rest.  Also they do very tasteful funeral work and are able to handle special requests.





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