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                                                                                            "But February made me shiver                                                                                                                         With every paper I'd deliver
                                                                                            Bad news on the doorstep
                                                                                            I couldn't take one more step"
                                                                                                         Don McLean

           Cold winds, warm hearts, remembering those lost, stolen, or strayed, celebrating Presidents, navigating mud from early thaws, and false spring days, all of these things make up the shortest month of the year:  February.  Unlike most of its fellow months, February is not named for a god or goddess.  Rather it takes its name from the Roman celebration known as Februa which was a time for purification.  In the Roman calendar this marked the first month of spring.  Our February only teases us with promises of spring with days of fluctuating temperatures as much as 30 degrees or more. 

February is a month when seed   catalogs have become a bit worn and orders for the seeds have been placed. It is also month not just of preparation for planting but the following crops should be planted in February: asparagus, cabbage plants, carrots, cauliflower seeds, endive, lettuce, onion sets, garden peas, Irish potatoes, radish, rutabaga, spinach, and turnip.  
The garden dreamer can now become the garden doer.

       Other lawn and garden tasks need that to be attended to this month include
  • Prune trees and shrubs, both ornamental and fruit (except for spring bloomers)
  • Check flower beds for plants that may have slighted uprooted due to freeze and frost
  • Replace mulch as needed
  • Check outside plants and trees for animal damage
  • Cut some branches for forcing indoors
  • Rejuvenate holly bushes with a hard pruning
  • Check evergreens for sign of damage from dryness
  • Start seeds of cool season vegetables and flowers
  • Complete all your orders and lawn and gardening planning to be ready for action


  • 1/2 Dozen rose vase w/balloon    $45.00
  • Triple rose vase w/bear                $29.99
  • Candy bucket w/mylar balloon     $25.00
  • Candy bag w/mylar balloon            $10.00
  • Bear w/candy and mylar balloon    $25.00
  •  Dozen roses in vase                       $75.00
  •  Mixed vase arrangements              $55.00

It's still not to late to plant your spring flowering bulbs. As long as you can dig a hole, you can plant them. They should still bloom for you in the spring.

The countdown to spring has begun in earnest.  Meantime till the outside is as warm as the inside with our celebrations we can enjoy super bowls, president's day, and all that February has to offer.


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